Uncover The 7 Secrets To Control Chronic Headaches-Before They Control You

Calling All Professional Women



Because you are suffering with health issues you worry you don't have enough performance to meet the demands at work? 

Are you worried that your chronic headaches will get you fired?

Are Any Of These True For You?


  • I am physically worn out which makes it difficult to have a productive day.
  • I suffer from chronic headaches that drain my emotional tank.
  • I come home night after night worried about having enough energy to meet all the demands at work and at home.

What If:


  • What if you could go through the day nonstop unhindered by a chronic headache, stiff neck or knotted shoulders and finish your day with a fresh, clear mind?
  • What if your could get past the pain and increase your energy and have more get-up-and-go?
  • What if you could make sound decisions that you feel good about?

Proven Solutions!


I have proven solutions to help liberate women so you can do life with a clear mind and a strong body. I have been doing this for over 10 years helping hundreds of women.

“When I woke up in near tears with neck pain I was depressed because I had a full day of fun activities planned.My husband suggested emergency care @ the hospital but I didn’t want to deal with all the hassle. I called Heather instead. She fit me in her schedule that same morning. I had significant pain relief & was able to have a super day without a recurring problem. I was incredibly grateful & relieved to take care of the issue quickly!”    Pam 

Imagine Yourself Saying:


  • It was a great feeling having a productive day at work.
  • I no longer have to take home unfinished projects and work on them until 9 pm at night.
  • I finally have time after work to take a yoga class I’ve been wanting to take.
  • I was miserable but now I finally have my life back.
  • I have a happier home life because I am less stressed.

Get Past The Pain Now!


 Uncover The 7 Secrets To Control Chronic Headaches-Before They Control You

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Uncover The 7 Secrets to control chronic headaches-before they control you